Extend New Logical Volume

This shows how to increase the size of the logical volume, where that mounted on “/rdbms/oradata/data2”, size was grab from unnecessary logical volume was mounted on “/rdbms/oradata/data1” on another Volume group vg71.

bdf |grep vg56
/dev/vg56/lvol1    209715200 200494696 9148512   96% /rdbms/oradata/data2
bdf | grep vg71
/dev/vg71/lvol2    314507264 9630632 302495344    3%  /data1
/dev/vg71/lvol3    314441728 218277456 95544216   70% /data2

The problem is VG71 was has two logical volume, lvol2 (was mounted at /data1) and lvol3 (was mounted at /data2).

So first we must remove the unnecessary logical volume, then out the disk member of unnecessary logical volume /dev/dsk/c64t15d5, after that you can extend the disk to another Volume Group (vg56), extend the logical volume (vg56|lvol1|/rdbms/oradata/data2), and verify the space.

Backup the data before use this step.

Verify the online JFS has installed

swlist |grep -i jfs
B3929CA   B.  HP OnLineJFS

Remove /dev/vg71/lvol2

umount /data1
lvremove /dev/vg71/lvol2

Step out the disk /dev/dsk/c64t15d5 from vg71

vgreduce /dev/vg71 /dev/dsk/c64t15d5

Added /dev/dsk/c64t15d5 to VG56

vgextend /dev/vg56 /dev/dsk/c64t15d5

Extend lvol1 from vg56
I’want to extend above 50GB, (source size is 209GB, so totally is 259GB)

lvextend -L 259000 /dev/vg56/lvol1

Now Increase with online JFS tools

fsadm -b 265216000 /rdbms/oradata/data2

Note: 265216000= 259000 * 1024


bdf /rdbms/oradata/data2
Filesystem            kbytes        used         avail       %used      Mounted on
/dev/vg56/lvol1    262078464 200496296 61101096    77%    /rdbms/oradata/data2

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Oh..Archive Log

when project upgrade veritas netbackup from 5.0 to 6.0 never shown their progress.
and the database archive log was grown rapidly, so for the quickly action, I build this script.
works on HP-UX environments

# moving archive log
bdf -l /oracle/archivelog | grep -iv Filesystem |awk '{print $6" "$5}' | while
read LINE; do
ASS=`echo $LINE | cut -d"%" -f1 | awk '{ print $2 }'`
if [ $ASS -gt 95 ]; then
/usr/bin/find /oracle/archivelog -name "*.arc" -type f -exec mv {} /backup/archive_may/ \;

combination with the crontab..

$ crontab -l
* * * * * sh /scripting/arsip.sh > /dev/null 2>&1

Simple, stupid but deadly.

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No locks available


Hari ini gue mendapatkan banyak error di mesin yang menurut gue paling canggih, paling banyak CPU (20), paling banyak Memory (143GB), boros disk (30 TB), pokoknya
serba paling.

tapi di hari ini dia juga mengumpulkan daftar error paling banyak, berikut error list hari ini.

List Error Hari ini

“lckpwdf: Lockf deadlock detection Cannot obtain lock for /etc/.pwd.lock”
“WARNING: Failed to lock file: /var/opt/ignite/recovery/mnr_lockfile: Lockf deadlock detection (errno = 45)”
“Oracle instance running on a system with low open file descriptor limit. Tune your system to increase this limit to avoid severe performance degradation”
“ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group 2 of thread 1”
“ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1: ‘/rdbms/oracle/users/oracle_sid/log_oracle-sid.ora'”
“ORA-27086: skgfglk: unable to lock file – already in use”
“HP-UX Error: 46: No locks available”

Machine Detail

  • Model: 9000/800/SD32A
  • Main Memory: 143277 MB
  • Processors: 20
  • OS mode: 64 bit
  • OS: HP-UX B.11.11 U 9000/800

Solving with tuning the kernel parameter below here..

  • nflocks = 200 + sum of database files for all instance
  • maxfiles = 25% x current value
  • maxfiles_lim = 25% x current value
  • maxusers = No of connection oracle + 64
  • maxuprc = maxusers * 5

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Collect Data In Your Box with cfg2html

Cfg2html is a UNIX shell script similar to check_config or get_config, except that it creates a HTML (and plain ASCII) system documentation..

sudo apt-get install gawk
wget http://www.cfg2html.com/cfg2html-linux_1.39-4_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i cfg2html-linux_1.39-4_all.deb
sudo cfg2html-linux
firefox /etc/cfg2html/&lt;your-hostname&gt;.html</code>

Enjoy The Document..

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